My Wow Sleek Template

Be warned *Narcissistic-mode: on* ;-P.
I made up my mind and changed my template again, after I found a template named Joomla Template for Blogger. It's so irresistible. It might look more conventional than the previous template I used, but it's more compact. It's built with many compartments in it, and its clean look design makes this template versatile enough that allows me to experiment even with my limitations :-P.

Since I'm still possessed by one of Gmail layouts -can you guess which one? ;)- I've tweaked the template into this woody board. I also did a bit coding changes so to make the right column appears properly on the old IE6, and so the above two ad compartments to appear on every pages, not only on the homepage.

Luckily I have a techie online buddy, and lucky that my memory was cooperative, I was getting the clue on how to code the template from one of our many chat sessions.

I'm proud with the result, cause it does look like what I imagined, and with this template I can accommodate as many blog candy as before I want.

Here are the recipe of the makeover, in case someone is interested :-P
Main Ingredient:
1. Joomla Template for Blogger that can be downloaded here.
1. Wood background: Makore
2. Images: Old World Wax Seal, bubbles
3. Font: Conglomerfont
4. Contact System: VisitorContact
5. Interactive toolbar: Wibiya
6. Navigation: Bloggerbuster
7. Comment System: Commentluv -now with its one-click installation for Blogger, a must have gadget.
That's all, but this look is not final yet.


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

choen said...

nice template...

Ori said...

thank you :))
I've checked your blog, and find out that you provide free templates.
I like Lemon Fruit Taste ..
very neat.
Thanks for your visit!!

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sheene said...

love how you did your blog.. i wish i was as techie as you.. thanks for coming by my blog and joining my blog candy.. :)

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Monica said...

Hi Ori! you have been tagged here! :* :*

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Ori said...

I wish I were a techie :-D
Thanks for the visit Sheene!!
You blog candy box is really making people wondering :-D

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Ori said...


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