My 1st Card Making Experience

Finally, my first card creation :-) and it's all because of copic markers! I've never tried one, but I've seen the results are amazing. One of my contacts who have some beautiful card creations told me that copics really give great result even though she told me that she's actually not good at colouring. Probably she's just playing humble, but I would be happy if it were true, since I don't have a good colouring technique at all, so I really need copic!! :))

Too bad it's very expensive. I think 72 colours cost almost US$500 here in my country, that's why I'm very happy to find Blog Candy from CharmedCrafts. However, the participant must do other thing than just link the blog candy badge. All participants must present one of their card creations, and I have never made even one card!! :-\

Anyway I'm trying it, and am glad that an inspiration for my first card came in smoothly :))
Thanks also to some card-makers who include step-by-step card-making instructions of of their creations on their blogs, they really help me to start.
I don't know if my card is eligible, because it's not a stamped one nor it's used downloaded image. I create the images by myself, with the persons' images inspired by some illustrations from my Dad's old English lesson book, eheh..I've loved those big nosed cartoon characters there since the first time I lied my eyes :-P.

Back to my card making process, after I created the sketch, I scanned it, made some correction and beautified it with Photoshop programme. Some parts of the images, I coloured them in photoshop.
All the images then were glued to the card, more or less resembling what I've designed on the sketch. Green coloured light cardboard is for the card base. Image backgrounds and frames use two double-sided Korean origami papers. Fancy ribbon is used to highlight and contras the images from the paper. I punched the leftovers of the cardboard and origami papers to make flowers embellishment. Glued some bling bling here and there.

I'm so absorbed with the front side of the card and almost forgot that I hadn't done the inside. Kinda had a bit problem finding the right material that I would use as the cable connection. I was very happy when I found a nice narrow lace ribbon from Scrapking, to me it looks like a cable that would be used in fairyland :-)))

At first I would like to draw a world globe, but the it would make the design too noisy so a simple but powerful one word would do the magic. I then wrote the word love with the lace, and, probably because this is my first time experience, I always felt something-must-be-added. I continued by making a sketch of a bird with the thought that probably the bird could add some cuteness there ;-P. After the bird, suddenly I called up a story about a bird who likes to steal jewelery and thought it would be nice to see a bird brings something with its beak.

Finally, this is the inside..........

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