Almost Famous

I almost died and full of shame last Sunday.
Forget of being ashamed as human! I’d probably be a forever shy ghost if I died like that!
Last Sunday I went to Church, but the priest was boring enough to make my mind wandering away here and there! Even now after that accident, I still think he’s boring!
I’m sure it’s not because of my lack of attention at the sermon. Nope! My God is not a God of chastening.

On our way to our car right on the escalator that went down, suddenly my sister asked me, “Eh, where did we actually park the car?”
I said “there on the previous floor.”
So she said that we have to go back then.

Instead of waiting for the escalator to take us down, I stupidly climbed up trying to reach the top edge of the escalator because my position was still 1/3 of the escalator while my sis, she was further down. I was sure it would be easy and faster for me to go back like that, but as I tried and tried to race with the steps that go down a thought came to my mind “ embarrassing why I still can’t reach it” then just a step away from the top I commanded my self “jump!”

My right foot did get to the top, but the clumsy step made by my right foot caused my left foot to hook to the step and almost dragging me down.
Thank God, though clumsy, my right foot was strong enough to carry my body up with the help of my left hand. I finally made my landing up (yes thank God it’s not down!) though it hurt like hell!!
My big toe of the left foot was bleeding a bit.
I was dismayed but one thing that got into my mind, “what a shameful if I fell down!”

I look around; luckily no one besides us was aware with the accident. At least that’s what I think at that time, cos it’s still early, only a few people but they’re quite remote.
My sis was shocked too, but I was trying to be cool by laughing and hiding the pain.

Lesson to take:
1. When you think you can make it, don’t ever doubt it
2. Know your situation or condition. Why? I forgot that I was wearing high heels.


Bouli said...

I love the way you write :)
very funny for me to learn new english words...i must admit i have yet a lot to learn !
You should write books...

Origena said...

Merci beaucoup Bouli :-)
I'm still and will keep learning English too. Hope we can chat again and maybe that'll help me ecrire en French aussi un jour :-D
Thanks for stopping by :-)

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