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Marine-Themed Creations From Galleon

Titanic, Finding Nemo, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Captain Jack Sparow, Pirates of Caribbean, Jaws, and Dolphin Tale are some of movies or characters in movies with a marine theme. Many movies take the sea as their setting, and many of those movies have become All-Time Box-office hit movies. The sea has a lot of charm to offer, people are buying it, but I’m not going to talk about movies now. There’s something else also inspired by the passion for the sea.

I am one of those people who are fond of the sea and anything nautical, and I used to look for a small brooches or charms with the shapes of anchors, rudders, or my favourite animal, dolphins. I didn’t know there was a jeweller that specialized in marine themed jewellery.

Galleon Jewelers is a jewelery maker that is specialized in nautical creations and has been around in the business since 1978. Their online catalogue is full of finely detailed creations of marine themed earrings, bracelets, pendants and so on, mostly in high quality solid 14Kt gold, but there are also some in 18Kt gold. They also have an amazing collection with a gold anchor necklace, or for those who fancy a nautical bracelet, their selection is hard to resist.

In addition to their available in-stock creations, I read Galleon Jewelers also welcomes custom and personalized order from customers, and can handle almost anything you have in mind. When I browsed their online catalogue, I found an amazing Movable Shark Jaw with detailed teeth in the Charms and Pendants Category. Click here for more products, there are a lot more to see for yourself or for someone dear. This shop also offers a 100% guarantee of satisfaction, so if a customer finds the purchase is not satisfying, they can return the purchase for FULL refund within 10 days of receiving their order. Free shipping is available for order over US$250.

How Low Can You be Louboutinised?

photo by justbemagazine. com
photo: justbemagazine. com
I have a good friend who is a fashion-aware person that makes her can easily pass as a fashionista. I've known that she has a good appetite for fashion, and the way she dress says it all. In fact, she somehow inspired me on experimenting with outfit. She can easily mix and match her wardrobe without falling to become a victim of fashion, and successfully winning people's attention. She looks posh effortlessly, even in second-line brands.

However, one day I received a surprising email with photo attachments from her. Had she not written what's it all about in her email, I would not have bad judgement against them. They are photos of some pairs of beautiful shoes that look like those of Christian Louboutin. She asked me to pick out which pair have the nicest model, cause she wanted to order them for her.

I remember when we were at one luxurious mall in our town, she spotted a woman who wore them, "those are Louboutin" she made me aware of them. She continued explaining me of their incredible prices. I was impressed by the beauty of them, but not by the prices, cause to me they're just excessively expensive, though I could understand some people love to buy 'exclusiveness'.

And for that 'exclusiveness' lifestyle some people don't even mind to cheat by wearing the counterfeit ones. Sad, and what's more sad is, the one that she wanted to order are the knock-offs. It made me laugh and shocked at the same time when I read it, and I refused her idea. She told me that the genuine ones would cost her dearly like some USD 1500, and those she intended to order would only cost her USD 100. I argued her, that by wearing a counterfeit even if it's only a pair, will always make someone ugly and somehow, hurts that person's pride even if other people don't notice the difference. Kind of lousy argument, but I just don't want her to wear counterfeit merchandise. I told her, it's better to wear a non-branded or second-line one than a counterfeit Louboutin. Glad she listened to me and agreed with it.

Really, even though I can't afford a pair of Louboutin, I dislike those people who sell, buy and wear counterfeit. Why must be dictated by a brand?

Safe Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting

I often think that the act of cleaning something a lot of times may end up soiling something else.  Take the case of washing our plates, cooking utensils, etc., have you ever wondered what's inside the cleaning agent that you use?  How will the waste affect our Earth or environment?

Many people have become more concerned about using of green technology that can promote sustainable management of resources. More companies have become aware of the trend, and so they also know that using environmentally friendly technology will only bring positive value to their business.

Dry Ice Blasting Machine from IceTech
Thanks to Dry Ice Blasting, now responsible manufacturers can employ a green technology to effectively clean their factories and machines. Say farewell to the hazardous chemicals or solvents, no more endangering the environment and human resources, because unlike the traditional blasting method which leaves contamination, the revolutionary Dry Ice Blasting is entirely non-poisonous and dry ice won't leave a trace because it evaporates as soon as it touches treated objects. Thus gracious nature welcomes a worry-free and cheaper waste management. The economic sense continues by how downtime is minimized because Dry Ice Blasting can be applied even while a machine in operation. Due to the its nature that doesn't use hard particles as abrasive agents, this method will not defect any property, and is even safe for fragile surfaces.

There are some companies who produce Dry Ice Blasting, but IceTechWorld has proved to be the leading one with its global support that provides excellent 24/7 service to its clientele.  Its products come from the experts of this field. Click here for more products.

So, that's a small lecture about green cleaning. Find a way to save our Earth, engage with green products and green companies. Manufacturers can start by finding dry ice blasting rental for their business, it's never too late to be a responsible one.

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