Fake Me Out

Come to some markets of countries in Asia, there scattered plenty of Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta, Hermes, just name it. They are all there, and some are all cheap. The brands belong to the masses, they are becoming like part of women' uniform.

I'm no posh critic of lifestyles, but to me it's a plain vain to wear a copy of those upscale brands, and it's just folly. Why one wants to wear it? Is it because of its beautiful styles? Well, there are many no name brands or secondary brands produce eye-tempting styles. Maybe because of the quality? Doubt it, why wear fake then? Because one can't afford it? Well, mostly, but not all, cause the self-claimed superior quality replicas are pricey too...considering that it's FAKE.

One of my cousins came back from her holiday in HongKong, and she proudly brought my Mom a fake Prada. I've learnt from my observation in some multiply.com sites that the first grade to superior quality of replicas come from either South Korea or Hong Kong, while the inferior ones are from China. My Mom is not a brand worshiper, but she's always bought authentic stuffs, cheap or pricey. My cousin actually is more than able to buy the genuine one, but she bought a fake one too for herself and her Mom. Since my Mom doesn't wear fake things, that Prada replica bag then ended to someone else...and the chain of deception continues :))

Replicas or fake things not only belong to bags or other stuffs of women. My sis-in-law saw many fake Nokia mobiles while travelling in China, and she brought one of those fake iPhone home :-D, because her friends bought many of them as gifts for their friends and families!! At first my bro used it, until I told him that some source say fake mobiles are dangerous, I've never seen him with it anymore.

I wish they were less vain and were more pro creativity, and bought things not because of the brands. Also, for dog and cat lovers, please considering this article before you buy replicas from China.
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