Obscure Moment

hihihi..I have this post nesting on my draft, forgot to tick automatic post..and now..after 2 months passed...I just realise that!...as obscure as its content :-D

I felt I just had a parapsychological experience. It's not a cool nor it is an eerie one, it's just unexplainable.
It's started right when we're about to leave B city, suddenly I had a headache and felt a bit queasy, but I believe that condition won't cause anyone to be disorientated.

My headache was a sensation of lots of needles pricking the left side of my head. It was sore tingling and heavy, completed by the sickness feeling.
Before leaving B city, we went to the gas station to fill up the car. I checked out the time on my mobile phone, it's passed 6 pm, so I estimated that we would reach J city around 9pm.

Just as the car departed from gas station, I suddenly felt a bit nauseated. I've almost never felt nauseated, so I was wondering what's going on? I don't have gastric problem to worry either.

I closed my eyes, tried to sleep, in hope that I could minimise the pain and the nausea. I didn't tell the others about that, I just prayed that I would not vomit cause it would be embarrassing and I wouldn't like the mess :-D I also prayed that we could arrive in J city as soon as possible.

Finally when the car almost reached the last toll gate, I opened my eyes and read the sign that we're in J town already.

Now, this is the thing that still perplex me..
I checked out the time on my mobile phone...
...it's around 4 am !!!... and the date...14 February already!!
I double checked it, and the time and date still said the same.
I asked the other, what's the time? R answered me "9 pm o'clock sharp"!
Everyone was laughing when I told that my mobile's time was acting weird by showing wrong time and date.

Immediately after I arrived home, I took a shower, then I checked out the time on my mobile again, insane...it showed 10pm and the date is 13 February!!

Still don't know which one was having error, was it me or my mobile?
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