Berol Karisma is why I hate big rain

Karismacolor are no more. They are deceased. They have passed over to the great sharpener in the sky. They have fallen out of their box. They have been permanently erased - they are GONE. 
Bob Ebdon
I found the above quote after once again trying to find the trail of Berol Karisma on the net, something that is almost impossible. All Berol Karisma seem really as quoted above. They're not erased though, they're pursued by many, that's why...
I can only find its twin, Prismacolor.

Two years ago I could still see some sets on the net, but the prices were crazy that made them the most expensive coloured pencils I've ever known. Maybe if I were very good at using them, I would not be considered crazy if bought it. The reason I like it simply because I was in love with the set since the day I saw one of them. It's not about the appearance solely, cause as soon as I doodled, I knew it's the one. The set built up my confidence. I always feel I could do colouring with Karisma, and I don't have that confidence with any other else and my colouring is just like those who can use pencil, not like those who can really draw ;-P

I used to have 3 sets, one was a plain Berol, and the two others were what I love the most, they're Berol Karisma -two sets of 36 colours, each set had different colours. I bought one of the Berol Karisma sets when I was in UK. Back in my country, it was a big mistake that one day I let one of them, the Berol Karisma one, to stay some nights at my friend's house, cause one day the rain came ceaselessly and let the water inundated the house. The next was a tragic....the flood ate the set :-/

I now only have one set, I forget where the plain one's gone. I still can't forget my lost Karisma, especially during big rainy season like nowadays. Losing Karisma to me is almost like losing a dog.

My remaining Berol karisma has already looked worn out, and even the white one looks desperate, I love the set still. 

Tell me where to find the cheap one? and best is the one in a wood case  *dreaming*
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