Barbaric Trade!!!!!

If only I didn't love dog, I wouldn't feel very sick about dog and cat fur industry in China.
About how they brutally skin alive those (have long been known as) domesticated animals. For some people they're not just animals, but they are also best friends and helpers.
In many countries people rely on dogs to do some important jobs.
In China they skin alive dogs and cats, and send their furs also to USA and Europe markets.

Sure, somebody can argue that some animals could be as domesticated as dogs and cats and can also be labeled as companion animals.
But I always see dogs as somewhat different. They are sincere, intelligent and most of all they kinda have this special bond with human that makes them seem to always want to protect human.

There's a story I watched on Animal Planet about a dog who rescued a kid who was totally a stranger to the dog.
They only met sometimes when his master took him for a walk and passed this little girl's house. The little girl and her Mom didn't like dog at all and would shun immediately once the dog and his master passed by, although the dog's master always greeted them.
One day, there was a big earthquake and the girl was alone and scared to dead inside her house. She was crying and no body was around. Just when the cupboard (or the wall) behind her was about to fall down, suddenly that dog came to rescue her, alone!
No one could understand what power that brought the dog to come and save her at the right time, though they live some distance apart.
That is just one story amongst uncounted stories about dogs' merits towards human.
Some cats, although very few also have been heard as saviours to their human companions.

So how could I am not mad about dogs and cats slaughtering in China?
Especially when they are killed brutally, I mean, by skinning them alive? :-(((

Of course pigs, sheep, chickens, etc also have been known as saviours to human, in term of providing us meat to eat.
But have you ever heard about a pig, sheep, or goat who guides a blind man?
Who can detect cancer?
Who can help epileptic seizures sufferers?
Who can save a boy from tsunami?
Who help the police busted drugs smugglings?

Killing dogs is like killing sincerity!

Please sign the petition against it now!
Spread it up!

Maybe you should be careful now when you buy some dolls or fur stuffs made in China!

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I'm very sorry to friends/ people from China who read this blog, I'm only against those barbaric thing.
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