Wanna get tickled?

I cannot really get annoyed with this following ‘friendship' offer :-P
Not because I'm too often greeted by some deviant faux pen pals.
But...read it yourself...I bet anyone's laugh nerve will get tickled too...



But frist of all, I have to expalin you that I am Italian, so I don't know English very well! Sorry for my mistakes!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hello dear unknown friend! First of all, I have to tell you how you are beautiful........

But I have questions for you:
1. What your number of foot is?
2. Do you have pretty feet?
3. Are you tickling?
4. If yes, in which part of your body the most?
5. Maybe feet?
6. Have you ever been tickled-torture in your life?

I would want to put his hilarious official picture here, but I'm afraid of those minors that might come across this blog and seeing it.
I still can't erase it from my mind :-D
A fat naked woman lying on a bed with her four limbs tied to the bed, and a man (seems like) is tickling her hand - not her foot at all. She looks like laughing and screaming at the same time. The picture size is too small to see it clearly. I think it's nothing but provoking laugh.

And how old is this guy? I read on the profile, he's born in 1990! Gosh!
I got contacted by him on a supposedly very decent site, a language learning site.

No, of course I'm not interested in his offer, maybe Bigfoot would love his offer :-D
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