Natural and Organic Skincare by IQ Natural

I used not to read the ingredients of my skincare and make up products, until nearly the last ten years since I read many skin problems and health issues-related caused by some chemical used in skincare industry, I become careful on choosing what I put on my skin. Now, whenever I want to buy skincare or make up, I will first search the internet and put additional keywords organic, natural, purity, Paraben-free, and Sulphate free to it.

I found IQ Natural corresponds what I’m looking for, a Natural and Organic Skin Care and Makeup. IQ Natural boosts that it puts Purity first, and I love how the prospective users get acknowledged to what ingredients IQ Natural uses. Besides skincare range, IQ Natural also offers make-up, bath & body, aromatherapy, hair care, and tools/ brushes. What I like more is that there is size option for some products.

This is so what I want.... rather than applying any other skincare loaded with toxic chemicals, my skin will sure cherish the pumpkin, acai berry, aloe vera, almond, Moroccan argan oil, the super flax seed oil and many many Natural's Nutrient-Rich ingredients. No more ugly preservatives, no more toxic chemicals.

Brought to you by your friends at IQ Nature.
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