Espionage Game

Excerpted from my chat session

Date : 23/04/2005 Time : 23:44
EG: will do thanks! u know about the witch like receptionist caricature u had on ur blog, few days ago while on an errant nearby that hotel i went to have a peek, gosh sure was quite a resemblance of what u drew
Say: Lolll...really? you can recognise her?
Woww...I'm very happy to hear that!
EG: something like that but didn't get any closer to catch her name. if there are more wrinkles i'm sure must be the witch from snow white

---------- cut ----------

Date : 24/04/2005 Time : 0:11
EG: on the subject of double standard,maybe i can ......('est censored, parce que still on mission lah :-P)
Say: That will be great!!! Cos, not only me who suspected this double standard attitude, but it was the girl that I met (that interview me for her paper).
Say: I mean it was her that had that thought at first, and I agreed with her
EG: will let u know the outcome,say next week itself
EG: yeah, on with a mision ! hey! what are friends for !

EG is my good ICQ friend from Penang, Malaysia. I asked him sometime ago if he happens to pass near Hotel Berjaya, Georgetown to try to find that receptionist based on her caricature that I made. If he can spot her, that means I had successfully stored her image on my mind and manifested it into the drawing. I was surprised to know that he really did it and even will develop the mission more!
Haha....EG maybe more suitably stands for Espionage Game ;-)
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