Trying to abdul anyone?

Before trying to abdul anyone, please make this story your concern ;-) English language evolves....
Maybe in Indonesia we could create a new word based on the Dangdut King -Rhoma Irama's notorious lifestyle that currently on the elation of Indonesia infotainments.

Irama /v:
1. to make someone an umpteenth wife, but refuse to admit the fact openly to the public.
2. throw lies about someone

Jangan hanya mengIRAMAkan saya!
Don't just make me your umpteenth wife, but refuse to admit it publicly (this is what Angel Lelga should say to her dear Dangdut King)
Don't just throw lies about me.

For all Bahasa Indonesia enthusiasts, the old formal English translation of "irama" is rhythm, but if anyone wants to make me his/ her Indonesian Language tutor, you have to add the new formal meaning of irama into your vocabulary. Agree? ;-)
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