Boker Tov

This is a snippet from a sermon given by a humourist Preacher at a Sunday service. During his pilgrimage in Israel, he came across the phrase 'Boker tov' -that he said sounded like 'boker toh'- every morning.

In Israel that's part of hospitality indeed, cos in Hebrew 'boker tov' means 'good morning'.
As for him and for any other fellow pilgrimage participants from Indonesia (perhaps Jakarta especially -since I think 'boker' is a slang in Jakarta) that sounded kinky cos the word 'boker' means 'to defecate' and 'toh' acts as a question tag in Indonesian language.

What a coincidence, since in the morning people indeed usually do the 'disposal process.'
So he said, when he was greeted with 'boker tov,' he replied in confidence: 'Boker.'
Because he did! :-D


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