Poor Old Pervert

I always indicate anyone who chat with me that I don't really care age or status issue as long as the person behaves well.
This morning I found out that one person in my YM list is actually a pervert!
The worst scene I've ever seen!
A pervert is already disgusting, an old pervert with protruding belly, is something what rotten food can affect anyone!

Old Goat (11:08:52 AM): is the vid still workign ok here?
Houy (11:09:49 AM): but I'm tired, that's actually the reason why I'm not at Church now
Old goat (11:10:38 AM): you were too busy lyesterday?
Old goat (11:10:42 AM): up topo lae last night

Houy (11:10:49 AM): sorryyy :-) lol...I can't really watch the vid , cos I'm sending file to my friend while chating too
Old goat (11:10:59 AM): ok
Old goat (11:11:10 AM): let me know if you want me top open it again
Houy (11:11:33 AM): it's closed?

(though I was actually the one who closed the connection, LOL. That was after he's checking whether I still watched his video, then I had a look...what an outrageous scene I ever had, it's not about naked or not though)

Old goat (11:12:00 AM): i closed it when you drropped out of it just now
Old goat (11:12:04 AM): but can open it again easily
Old goat (11:12:12 AM): i do it for your pleasure
Houy (11:13:13 AM): no, to be honest, I can't really watch your video :-) I'm sorry
Old goat (11:13:41 AM): why not? is ot too slow?
Houy (11:15:14 AM): no, I'm seeing other's ;-) some pics and vids on my friend's album too
Old goat (11:15:35 AM): oh,, because you are so busy
Old goat (11:15:45 AM): as I said, let me know if you would like me to open it agian
Houy (11:18:27 AM): lol..why?
Old goat (11:21:00 AM): so you can see me if you wish
Old goat (11:23:07 AM): i'd hope you might want to once in a while
Old goat (11:25:00 AM): what pics are you looking at, ouli?
Old goat (11:25:52 AM): ?

Houy (11:26:44 AM): sorryyy....I was on the phone
Old goat (11:26:53 AM): that's ok
Old goat (11:26:55 AM): welcome back
Old goat (11:36:40 AM): you are in a lot of chats now, areb't you?
Old goat (11:36:45 AM): hard to keep your attentin here
Houy (11:38:22 AM): hahaha..sorryyy...I get distraction, it's hard to escape

Old goat (11:38:30 AM): i know what you mean
Old goat (11:38:38 AM): and here I am trying to be disctacting
Houy (11:41:54 AM): wish you luck :-)
Old goat (11:43:03 AM): lol.. bu tit is you i am trying to distrct!
Houy (11:44:44 AM): lol..I'm sorry about that. I didn't know
Old goat (11:44:58 AM): lol
Old goat (11:45:05 AM): you are such a popular lady today

Houy (11:47:56 AM): not really :-) , but he's one of my very good friends on the net and I hadn't chatted with him for 2 weeks
Houy (11:48:31 AM): istn't it too late for you now? mind your old bone ;-)
Old goat (11:48:43 AM): lol
Old goat (11:48:47 AM): it isa about 1 am
Old goat (11:48:51 AM): late.. bu tnot too late
Old goat (11:49:01 AM): and just ow old do you think k my bone is?
Old goat (11:49:27 AM): although I am pleased you are concerend about my bone
Houy (11:50:52 AM): :-) you're welcome.

Old goat (11:51:05 AM): ;)
Old goat (11:52:10 AM): i'll try to keep it in good shape for oyu
Houy (11:53:20 AM): what?
Old goat (11:53:47 AM): my old bone.. I'll ry to keep in iin good shape for you
Houy (11:55:29 AM): lolll...why?

Old goat (11:55:35 AM): :x (--> This is actually YM's smiley's in love, really made me want to puke!)
Old goat (11:55:45 AM): because you are concerned about it
Old goat (11:56:06 AM): still looking at dog picrures adn videos?
Houy (11:57:22 AM): :-) I'm concerned because I'm alwasy a concern person. Not only to you :-)
Houy (11:57:36 AM): no, I have download them

Old goat (11:58:31 AM): thank you
Old goat (11:58:33 AM): ok
Old goat (11:59:04 AM): so if you have no other vieso going, I can open my camera here for you if you like
Houy (12:02:19 PM): ...to be honest I never really enjoy watching video, except from my friends ;-) I did before only for courtesy
Houy (12:02:36 PM): I love artistic things only ;-)

(Of course, I wanted to say: you should thank God you have a wife who can accept you the way you are, but please don't think other can appreciate you the way your wife can! Pfff....)

Old goat (12:06:05 PM): ah ok
Old goat (12:06:38 PM): i appreciate the courtesy

Thank God, that silenced him, without having to be too rude :-D
I hate being rude, cos it's so easy for me to do that, but he's an old man and sick.
Of course I don't need permission to delete and block him.
I need to detoxify!!!
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