What do you call it?

Something that you really like,
but you know only a little thing about that something,
that although you don't particularly try to keep it in your head,
it actually sits there still, in your head.

You never really talk about it,
cos you don't really know how to describe that thing.
Then one day it comes to you.
No, it's not a dream comes true,
cos it's not really a dream though it's liked very dearly.

So, what do you call it?
Cos that's what I've just experienced...I finally have these song...

1.It's got to beee....eee...eee....perfect....
It's got to beee....eee....eee....worth it....
(so it's Fairground Attraction! It's been on
and off my mind since I don't know when! Perfect)

2.Xdono...è fatto è fatto...


Bouli said...

Pee-ee-eerfect !

Origena said...

Yes Peeeerrfect! is the word :-D
I will tell you why (about these songs)in my email :-D

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