Slip of My Tongue

XenaThis is about my uncooperative Asian tongue.

The bus was really full that evening, I was lucky Leet and I could sit.
At the bus following stop, an old lady entered the bus.
She's short and stood wobbly, because she couldn't reach the strap-hanging.
No one, though most of the bus passengers were young, gave up a seat for her.
After about one or two minutes, I felt guilty if I didn't give her my seat especially because she stood not far from where I sat.

So I got up projecting my hand to her and intended to ask her if she want to sit, but I ended up saying:
"Do you want to sh*t?"

She stared at me, looking surprised or rather shocked?
No response for some seconds. My face felt so warm, I was sure it became red already. I still stood near my seat so no one could take up the place.

After some sort of delay, she finally said
"Well yes luv, thank you" and grinning.

I was relieved but still felt ashamed. I wanted to get out of the bus promptly but we're still far from our flat.
Then Leet suddenly got up too, pressed the stop button and sign me that we exit the bus on the next stop.

"Why did you do that?" asked Leet.
"Did you think people around notice that?"
The bus was chockablock, and I think there was at least one person in between where she stood and me sitting. There's not way people around us didn't hear that, but I was just hoping Leet would say no.

However Leet's reason to exit the bus earlier was not that, but because that old lady -sorry to have say this, but as soon as she sat, the air around filled with very (I mean VERY) stinky odour. That poor ole lady was a vagrant.
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