Are you Narcissist?

Someone has denied that he actually remembers my name.
But funny enough he likes to send me his self pictures :-P
After a long pause of chatting because I was ignoring him after I was tired of telling him my name many times, he appeared and still greeted me without my name.
Then again, his picture...
"I want to send you my pics in Canes festival"
Apparently he went to see that festival.
But I told him "I don't want" :-D
I've had already enough pictures of him, all almost in the same stand!
Decent pictures though.
Yesterday he sent me his June edition picture to thank me cos I sent him a funny video clip frivolously cos I assumed -from his behaviour- he's probably a bit stress :-P

Or just narcissist?
Anyway this link might be good for thy self :-P

It would be better if he sent me his pictures with his cute dogs.
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