When Beauty jokes

These are some humours made by our very beautiful Miss Indonesia, Nadine Chandra Winata in her Miss Universe interview sessions in America:

Who is your Idol?
My ADMIRER is Mother Theresa because she is so HUMBLE FOR ME.

What do you want the rest of the world to know about your country?
Indonesia is beautiful CITY. So come to Indonesia and feel it, ....WE OPEN OUR ARM TO COME TO INDONESIA.

What makes you unique and different from the other contestants?
Perhaps I look like a Westerner, while I have Indonesian blood and by law I am Indonesian.

Yes, she really has that big sense of humour. It's not because she couldn't speak English well nor really claiming that Mother Theresa knew her and admired her!

Cos she did have impressive answer that made her won the ticket to represent Indonesia in Miss Universe when the jury asked:
Do you agree with the notion that states that true friend is like your own shadow, always close to you?

I like her answer very much at that time, and I knew she would win the contest. She said true friend cannot be like our own shadow, shadow never exists in the deep darkness.

That's when she could mantain to be serious, unlike this time...

I hope the juries of Miss Universe have the same sense of humour as her.

Miss Universe official site generously presents Nadine's complete joke video.
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