Busy Bushiness

GWB, the president of the United State is coming to Indonesia.
Since some weeks ago Bush has been making some people very busy, i.e. the Indonesia presidential and governmental people, the security people and of course those protesters.

Timun (means cucumber), my favourite Indonesia comic strips, depicts the frenzies of Bush' pre-arrival in Indonesia.

Some clues to understand the strips:

It's actually spelled Debus.
Debus is a supernatural ritual that makes anyone under magic spell becomes invulnerable that then enables the person to eat for instance shattered glasses.
There on the strips the man is showering himself with quicksilver :-D

It's actually spelled 'Gambus.'
A music genre with Arabic influence.

Originally spelled 'busana'. Means 'outfit'.

Orinally spelled 'rebus'. Means 'boiled' or 'stewed'.
'Mie rebus' means 'Stewed Noodle'.

Originally spelled 'buset.' Means 'gosh', an exclamation.

Indonesia is very bushy now, I mean busy!
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