I Love You

Isn't he full of love?
For me killing dog is like diminishing love from this world!!
Stop cruelty against our earth angels.
Don't eat, kill, skin Dr. Eddie and his friends!

Sign the petition please.
Tell eBAY to stop allowing the Sale of Dog Fur, Live Dogs and Cats, in China.
China's long history of animal abuse, including the recent slaughtering of 50,000 dogs (many of whom were considered "pets") and other appalling atrocities, such as skinning conscious dogs and cats for their fur (which is then exported to the West, where it is illegal in many places), is allowed to continue because China has no animal protection laws. In China's live-animal markets, many animals, including cats and dogs, are crammed into wire cages with no room to move. It's outrageous that even after reviewing photos and video footage of the plight of dogs and cats in China, eBay still refuses to prohibit the sale of these animals on its Chinese Web site. Sellers post items openly advertised as dog fur, which is not just terribly cruel but also in violation of American federal law.

I urge you to do the right thing and stop facilitating the suffering, torture, and death of animals by ending eBay's sale of cats and dogs in China.

Thank you.
Some small number of people in Indonesian also eat dog :-(((
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