Crafty Marketer

< mobile's beeping....>
- Good morning. How are you? This is R

I still remember the voice and his name
It's the marketing guy who has invited me to attend an apartment building launching (or ground breaking? :-D I completely forget) event.
Two weeks ago when he called me, I promised to meet him in that week, but I couldn't make it.
I don't know how he got my mobile number, I never plan to buy any apartment yet, but I agreed to meet cos AJ, my overseas friend is looking for a property in Indonesia.

+ Oh yes how are you? I'm fine
- Yes, I want to know when are you going to see our apartments?

I don't feel up for a meeting but I remember AJ wants to know the procedures for foreigner to buy property in Indonesia, so I asked that to the marketing guy.
He said there are two possibilities.

- Either he is married to an Indonesian...
+ No he's not.
- or I could deal something for him

Deal something? I wanted to say it sounds illegal, but to avoid any offence I just said 'it sounds complicated.'
He said they've (the company?) dealt with the case already, and it's not complicated at all.

It's like making two agreements, one legal, and the other one just based on each other's trust. :-P
Probably he sensed my disapproval, then he said this thing like he just got a brilliant idea.

- Sorry, may I know your relationship with him? Are you close?
+ What do you mean
(though I can sense what he is going to say)
- I mean he could make it under your name

I'm not interested. So I just gave him AJ's email since AJ's not yet in Indonesia.
Then after that the marketing guy was still trying to persuade me to also buy the apartment, cos "it's cheap," he said.
I remember two weeks ago he already mentioned the price range, from $US 75.000 to nearly $US 500.000, and the 'cheapest one' is for 70 sqm.

Yes of course he could say any price cheap, he's a marketing guy.
Everything can be cheap according to marketers :-P

Finally, in order to prevent this posting becomes link-less, here's a crafty picture for your eyes to see. Guys, you're gonna luv it ;-)
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