Right or Left, We decide

grazie  photobucket.comWell...I don't believe this.
First, it's too easy to 'turn' the spin direction of the dancer or to have the spin keep changing unintentionally. Second, and this contradicts what the article says - my friend Gianni who's a graphic designer saw the dancer spinning anti-clockwise at first. According to the article then he must be a left brain person which means he uses more of the left side of his brain, while I believe he's actually a right brain person because he is a visual and artistic person - afaik.

Although at first I saw it clockwise, but since I read here -where found it- and on the source article that we can see it clockwise and anti-clockwise so I tried it, and yes I can see either way.

I found the easiest way to make the dancer spin as I wish, either clockwise or anti-clockwise.
I just close my eyes or shift my eyes from the dancer and imagine her spinning clockwise if I want to see her spinning clockwise, or anti-clockwise if I want her spinning that way.
As simple as that, no need concentration at all, just a split second imagination.
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