Bye Bye Yuwie

I finally deleted my Yuwie account after joining it for a month. Yuwie is Myspace plus benefits, means members get paid if anyone views either their profile, blog pages, their friends, comments, picture pages, use their share layouts, and if members view their control panel pages. With that scheme members need nothing but a bunch of friends on their Yuwie page, so adding as much people as you can into your Yuwie and to accept all incoming friend requests is advisable.

That didn't work for me. I created a very nice Yuwie page that made me unwillingly to ruin that good looking page. I also didn't want to add anyone who has gluttonous Yuwie page. Gluttonous in the sense that the person put too many unnecessary adds-on like video news feed, mp3 player, flash thingy, etc all together. My internet connection gives me freedom to download/ upload and to be online without restriction, but still I found it very annoying when clicking a page, suddenly video news feed, youtube, mp3 player, flash thingy are on at once. I also can't stand ostentatious profile page, and I don't like blinkies or kitsch images. However, for anyone who doesn't mind at all of those mentioned, then Yuwie is a hot thing.

Photo by Lord Jim


soundtrackgeek said...

Agreed. Bye bye Yuwie

Origena said...


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