Pork in her bag

After the piano recital the audiences were led to a buffet in a garden. I picked some food from the platters on the table and I saw 'contains pork' sign on a piece of paper stood in front of two serving platters. Pork is kosher for me, so I could it eat but I don't really like it. So it's not a problem at all for me, but it's a problem for my two friends who also attended that recital. I told one of my friends about that sign, and my friend F was aware of that. Then came R with some food on her plate and seemed R was eating something. F and I were aware that R was coming from the direction of the platters that serve food containing pork, so either F or I asked R if R was aware that some of the foods were not kosher.

"Which one?" asked R who obviously didn't read that sign on paper.
"Those ones"
"@#4^&!!...so this one is pork then, ohh....where to throw this?" R was about to leave the remains on the table, but...
"No, you can't leave it there, it's not polite" said F giggling
"Ooh.....what then?? Ok, I put it in my bag then" R decided that hopelessly after R couldn't find a single trash bin around.

It's a bit ridiculous :-D, of course R could leave the remains on the table, and F was just joking, we didn't really expect that R really put that pork meat into her bag.

Photo by oTto kiNDeR
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