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Believe it or not, the lime mixed with sweet soy sauce really worked for my cough.
Lime mixed with soy sauce is a mixture used by common people in Indonesia to cure cough. The last time I heard about it when my driver told me that his cough was cured without seeing a doctor, but by only drinking that mixture.
I usually cured my cough just by taking Comvita Fortacold lozenges and gargling with apple-cider vinegar. Too bad, the magical Comvita Fortacold lozenges are currently not available in Jakarta - I only know one shop that sells it and it's been out of stock for months!!

My sis-in-law assured me that lime and sweet soy sauce mixture worked for her too after she's taking it thrice a day for three days. Still a bit doubtful, I tried it anyway because the expectorant from the doctor didn't really work for my cough. The cough would stop if I took expectorant syrup, but the effect lasted only for two hours or less.

Surprise, after I drank lime and sweet soy sauce mixture, I felt I can breathe better and the cough stop much longer. I did what my sis-in-law told me, to drink it thrice a day, but it didn't need three days at all, my cough is gone.
I wonder if this mixture also known in other country?

Here's how to make the mixture:
Hand-squeeze one lime into a glass
Add one tablespoon of sweet soy sauce
Stir the mixture well and drink it.
Dose: 3 times/ day

Lime Photo by tigerzeye
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