Qassia Experience Update

Get your own Hyplet!

My reading and screening activities in Qassia since about a week of my joining has granted me $1,760, and so far I've been recruiting 4 members *thanks* that gives me $400, then my 2 intels give me $165 because I got rate C and C+ only. The total Qassia dollar that I own so far is $2,325, this dollar works like a rating to Qassia users. The top 7 users with highest dollar and top 7 users by intel appear on the Qassia main page, that makes them get bigger exposure than other users. The main page also lists top 50 sites that get the highest dollar allocation.
With my $2,315 of course I'm not there yet, but since my 2 intels are accepted, that makes me somewhere in the list too and my intels also secure my chance to get quality backlinks for a long run –that's what Qassia says, and maybe get some revenues from my adsense there.

Right now the dollar, or should I say Q$ is only meant for creating a blog/ website net worth and this net worth matters for determining how high the blog or wite will rank. However, if I'm not mistakenly read, Qassia will introduce other novel ways to make use Qassia dollars. It sounds in the future Qassia dollar will be in for transaction, like what happens with the already popular Entrecard's EC.

What makes Qassia unique, there members have to read the intel –posting- before able to rate it. I made a test by rating an intel without really reading it, and my rate was rejected. It seems the system set certain time for each intel to be read, so whenever other user rate it too fast, the system will reject it. This is good though, because I have gotten many useful information from my reading there.

I like it also the ability to reject or give an F to an intel, although Qassia gives a note that to reject an intel must meets one or more of these criteria:
Not in English
About Qassia

Not only because the intel is:
Very short
Blatant advertising
Probably untrue
Irrelevant to you personally

For the above reasons user is advised to give E instead. Of course even if one user rates a certain intel 'E' or 'F', the fate of an intel still have to wait ratings from 9 other users. Well, at least this system give users the chance to prevent 'garbage' intel.

Users are also given the ability to comment anonymously to every intel, and I'm liking this too because I get feedback from what I post, so I know to fix my intels. Yes, those intels that are already posted can still be edited. However, be prepared to harsh comment.

Right now since Qassia still in Beta, some features -like the search engine- are still not working properly, but because it's still in Beta, Qassia gives abundant easy Qassia dollars to early birds :), for instance Qassia gives $500 for user who can get referral within 12 hours after the sign up.
I'm sure when the features have all worked, Qassia will sparks more charms, maybe like a box of might be surprised of what you find there ;-)

Here's the link to sign up.

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