Top Dog Bloggers

Are they real?
If you ever joined or are joining Bloggerwave then you probably know what I'm writing here.
That's the top earners list on Bloggerwave. That list really brings question to my head. I have joined BW since December (or early January) but I never have seen any opportunity there, yet the bloggers on that list can get that much?

Then sometimes ago, I googled some of the names from that Top Dog bloggers list, guess what?
I found a post by Meredith Neiss, the supposed runner up on the list, she expresses her surprise on how her name can be on the second top when all that she's done only 5 posts of $US 10 each.

Just now I made some further search about those name on the list, I chose 3 names to google and none of the results that I get relate bloggerwave. Strange? Or maybe that can't be taken as a proof of something wrong.
Here's another funny fact about that top dog bloggers list.
Why does it use Dog anyway? Dog is a trusty creature, dog's image shouldn't be used for -I hope I'm wrong- something phoney.
I don't know how to delete my profile there now. Wondering.

Photo by ansik


Connie said...

I was scammed by Bloggerwave. I wrote a post about it on my blog hoping to spread the word since BW doesn't reply to emails or customer support. They are LOSERS!

Origena said...

Oh yeah, I think I read your post too when I was googling about Bloggerwave. What they're doing is just ruining their credibility. I think more and more people are aware that there is a real issue about BW.

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