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Finally Triggit makes it clear on Getsatisfaction that Triggit is not taking commissions from the links that its users make with Triggit. That's cool.
When I signed up I didn't think at all whether or not Triggit would make money from the clicks to my ads links.

I decided to use Triggit only because it's very easy to link advertisements, Youtube videos and images from Flickr into blog or website. I read on Gigaom that Wordpress actually also has similar plugin that works similarly, linking products that are being mentioned on the blog posts directly to merchants. Well, since I'm not on Wordpress, this thing is very new to me.

Triggit doesn't need coding at all. Everything just drag and drop, after you put a snippet of Triggit code into your html. Every time I need to link a word or some words of my blog post to related merchants from Amazon or Commission Junction, I just click the Triggit red triangle icon -see on the bottom on this page-, and all is done. That simple step also works for posting photos from Flickrs or video from Youtube. Yes the photo on this post is directly transported from Flickr. This following is a test using Amazon product: I'm interested in "A Life of Jesus" a book by Shusaku Endo. Nice eh :)

Triggit is still in Beta, you must have invitation to join it. Gigaom states on one of its post last month that Triggit gives it 300 Triggit invites, just type gigaom on the invite code box.
If you miss it, don't worry, I think Triggit is generous enough, I requested the invite directly and got it quite quick.

Photo by fumi


Zach said...

Thanks for the great post. We really appreciate it. Keep up the good work on your blog.


Origena said...

Thanks for your visit Zach and thanks for quick answering my queries too.

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