A Valentine Campaign

More to Me Declaration BadgeA comment that I just received tonight for my "Play to save Shelter Pets" posting has reminded me about it. I went to visit the site and played the trivia, and this time I signed up myself there.
I just realised that the site name is Experience Project, and it's not only about those misfortunate shelter pets, but there are a lot more projects.

One of them is about More to me campaign. Probably lots of you have heard about people, especially models who are very skinny because they're pressed by their societies, and this even has taken some young souls out of this world forever. Very sad.

So if anyone want to have a more meaningful Valentine celebration, please think about those young girls' who have lost their souls because of the wrong perception of beauty.

Support programs promoting healthy body image for girls. SIGN NOW to get the attention of policymakers!

Happy Valentine to you all and don't leave the shelter pets too this valentine ;-) play the trivia for free to help them. Grazie
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