Google Friend Connect is Open

On 3rd December I got an email from Google Friend Connect that says "you have been whitelisted to use Google Friend Connect." To be honest I almost forgot what it is, I think I read its review from some review site for betas some time ago.

It's quite nice, Google Friend Connect provides member gadgets and social gadgets. There are two kind of member gadgets, one is merely for signing in and the other is physically looks like Mybloglog, BlogCatalog and Blogger Follower feature but with some plus. Google Friend Connect allows anyone with Google, Yahoo, AOL, and OpenID to join. Once joined, member can have their profile automatically displayed there, and clicking member's profile won't take visitor away from the site where that Google Friend Connect nests, instead it will show anything that the member put on the profile ie. 'about me', 'links', 'site I've joined'. From there member can interact with other member or even directly invite friends from member's social networks.

Social gadgets consist of some nice gadgets, and one that I also install here is Wall gadget which allows visitor to leave comment or link to video. There is also Review/ Rate gadget that allows visitors to rate books, movie, etc. Other gadgets are Open Social demonstration - I don't know what it is :-P, then Lame Game demonstration and Custom Gadget. I'm not sure about Custom Gadget, but it's similar with blogger html widget, no?

Anyhow, it seems just now as I'm writing this (I found out that) Google Friend Connect is out of beta already, means anyone can join without being first whitelisted.

So grab it, it's worth to try and it's easy to install it, and you are welcome to showcase your profile, links, etc on my GFC, let's get viral
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