A doll with an Afro hairdo

After some short times I set one foot in the craft world of card, I kept thinking of making some sketches for my future cards. Probably I'll make something like my own sketch bank. This time character is an Afro-like girl which is denoted by her coily hair. I've somehow been fascinated by the hairstyle.
Of course, like some Asian -including Indonesian- girls who don't like their curly or not so straight hair, some African-descendants prefer straight hair. Still I think Afro hairdo has its own charm, especially for those who have artistically beautiful faces.
That's all for now about this girl, I'll develop the sketch when I'm in the mood again!


santhy said...

wow, that's lovely! :)

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Ori said...

Thank you Santhy :) and thanks for you visit here!!

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