Two Wonderful Surprises in a week

First was when I received an email with a subject Paris-Jakarta. It turns out that I once posted at one website about my interest in practising French -I took the language course for almost 2 years, long long time ago. I'd totally forgotten about that website, need sometimes to understand that email, especially because the person asked if I want to meet for a drink and to practise my French before he ends his a month visit in Indonesia in two days. After a short inquiry, I contacted him and regretted that I couldn't meet him at the given time. However I indeed wanted to meet because he contacted me through this blog after found it from that website, that would make him as the first person I met in real from this blog. Glad that the next day, a day before his leaving, he asked me when it is possible to meet. After some clutters caused by some sms delayed problems -this is so annoying!!-, and with the help of his new Indonesian friend, all of us could finally meet in person at a resto. Oh and I also asked my friend to join because she's just back from Europe tour. I'm glad that I could meet him, it was sure a very nice friendly afternoon with him and the other guys. It's a unique experience I think cause I met a foreigner from this blog, who then introduced me to two other Jakarta people. Thanks Kuba for inviting me, thanks for thinking that Indonesia and the people are great :)) and thanks that you were not afraid even after those bombs :) Merci beaucoup.....Dziękuję.....Terima Kasih!!

Second surprise came some days after that, I received anonymous sms asking if the number is still mine. I replied it the next day when I was with a friend, stating that yes it's my number and asking who's the questioner.
"Remember pottery?" said the reply. My was I think almost 5 years ago??
"That's definitely your guru" said my friend when I said that I didn't make new friend there cause I was there with my two other friends.
I was laughing a bit but still I replied "Of course I still remember" and stating his name there, but still thought it was a joke.
Surprise...surprise...and I broke up, it's really from him.
I told him that this is really surprising, and his reply cracked me up "I'm at an archaeology site, suddenly found your number ha ha ha". He is still like before, never far from his sense of humour. I asked him when will he have his next exhibition, but he said that it's all now organised by O House gallery, and he's now just indulging himself in playing helicopter and airplane, saltwater fish, and creating things. That is very him, to me and to my friends who also his pupils, he's the kind of person who knows how to enjoy life and to have fun all the time. He has the magic of Peter Pan, and I'm honoured to be remembered by someone like him.
Ain't that a wonderful week? :))
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