The Guru

I met Liem Keng Sien, the dean of 'rest and relax' university last week.
Was glad he still remembers us, the lazy pupils, after almost 3 years of never been in touch.
He's one of the most unique and interesting characters I've ever known in person so far.
He's like an incarnation of Peter Pan, my childhood favourite character.

He still has faith in taking ourselves back to pottery world again.
It always fascinates me to hear him telling story about life essences and about his dreams.
Can't believe he saves place for us there.
Really feel honoured but.....

Or it's just my erroneousness as usual?
A perfect way is provided
But I'm losing faith...


tatsuhiko1968 said...

Thank you for writing two comments to my blog.
Thank you also for the encouragement.

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