We don't pay you to sleep

tkbecakSleep is the basic need of every human being.
However there are differences about one's slumber.
Take a look the following picture.
Here's Tukang Becak (Becak man), almost similar to Rickshaw, but Becak is a tricycle
with a passenger cart attached in front.

Tukang Becak is sleeping, probably because he's got so tired riding a long way under the blistering sun accompanying by the city polluted gust.

While these other following pictures show all the honorable members of the Indonesian House of Representative.
As shown here, these honorable people from DPR (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat) and MPR (Majelis Permusyawarahan Rakyat or The People’s Consultative Assembly) are also sleeping.
anggota anggotaa

tempo Sleeping is our basic need, so it's normal.
It's just that the Tukang becak will hardly get Rp. 300.000 (US$ 30)/ month, even though they only steal a little time to sleep amidst their hard work.
Whereas the members of the House of Representatives each gets Rp. 25.000.000 (US$ 2500)/ month, though they sleep in the middle of their meetings. Now, with the raise of US$ 1000/ month for their allowances, their sleep will surely get better than before. And what about the Jakarta councilors who will now get US$5000/month? Heaven amidst the poverty.

And while they're not sleeping, they sometimes like to do:

Whereas these students, will likely got half-naked and arrested by doing the same thing.


From time to time we pay our legislatives just to catch some sights of their sleeping at the meetings. We've paid a lot. Some even have to pay them with bloods.
From time to time this country has fed so many mouths, just to have some fled forever when they get enough possessions overseas, and left behind their debts to this country.


Eg said...

Yes Ouli,more prevalent than the bird flu crisis just that noboby dies here.Happens here too and someone even got the nerves to say "We are humans too".Either its a stupid retort or otherwise,seems like these so called elected officials were actually GFN members of the elite.SHAME,SHAME AND SHAME!!
They sure know how to find a way to snooze and snoozing is a fav.pastimes..........I mean pass time activity,if we mean it to be one.
Maybe all legislative meetings should be held in country club setting and I bet no one will ever be caught sleeping again.Afterall majority of those elected reps. are really GFN. Who says,politics are dirty...its the most coziest vocation I think. Maybe I should run for office myself and be the mother of all slumberer.

Origena said...

where have you been?
hope to talk with you again soon.

;-) are you thinking of being the 'mother' of those slumberers?

Change into she now? :-D

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