Bali Lounge

Before I bought this CD this afternoon, I actually had spotted it twice or thrice at some record shop.
I was thinking of buy it, but my dangling mind always stopped me from buying it, and I never even tried it.
Until some weeks ago, my only favourite radio station in Jakarta,
CnJ FM 9,99, aired a catchy unique tune. It was a jazz with some streaks of ethnical music, my guessed was Balinese gamelan. It really captured my friend's and my ears, and don't know why it made my self to envision back that white CD pack with tiny lable.

And my feeling was right; it was the music that I heard on CnJ radio.

It is Bali Lounge, a
noble project masterminded by Gita Wirjawan.

Almost all the tunes in this album are soothing to my ears, but I played "Angels of the Island", the track #2, almost 20 times today!
The lyrics used by that song #2 is in Aceh language, and the vocalist of this group is Aceh by origin. He sings very well. I like his unique voice.

One song that does not really suit my taste is "Apa." I like the melody, but I don't like the too melancholy words that it used. Should have been better if it used Balinese, Aceh or any other Indonesian ethnic languages which are beyond my grasp. It would make it sound more exotic, and I don't have to feel annoyed even though the lyric is actually weepy.

Anyhow, as a whole, it's worth to collect. Moreover, the CD box design is humble but pulling, probably wants to show that the contents are what matter. Indeed.
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