Stop the Hate

Grief again in my country,
3 girls have left this world forever, killed cold-bloodedly.

Long ago Poso is used to be a peaceful place, that's what I heard.
Why the conflict occurs between these 2 religions that used to be peaceful to each other?
The people of Poso need solution, not debate or comments on who/ what to blame.

I hope everyone realise that false comments will only lead to worsen the situation in Poso.

Remote people can easily write this and that, but they don't think the consequences of their sayings, because they are far and of course safe.

On the news about those misfortunate girls, I found many misleading news.
There are at least 2 blogs mentioned that that happened in Jakarta! Gosh!
I feel sadder to know that some blogs even post the image of the mutilated girls.
Do they think by putting those picture they can catch the butchers?

Please, don't do this to the victims, their family and us.
We only need your pray, if you don't know how to help.
Pray that Indonesian goverment, police, army, people can restore the peace that once belongs to Indonesia.

Stop wearing the mask of empathy, sympathy or humanity if all you want to do is discrediting something that you hate.
Stop the hate, cos your hate might kill someone else somewhere and that means you are a killer as well.


The Hedonese said...

Amen... Our prayer should go to the govt to be courageous in carrying their duty without favor or fear.

Would our cry and prayer for justice to prevail, that the guilty be brought to court and that those who use religion for violence be exposed also a sign of hate?

Origena said...

No it's not a sign of hate at all.
I just don't like judging without proof. Cos it's not clear yet who's behind that killing.
All groundless charges or issues only lead to complicate the situation, especially in Poso.

Yes, let's hope and pray that our govt are brave enough to punish those who guilty. I hope they also become stricter to or even ban ANY group who like to show power by using God or religion as their excuse.
So the world will know that they aren't dull nor stupid.

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