Bali                          W  H  Y ?

W H Y ?

W H Y ?

W H Y ?







tatsuhiko1968 said...

Hi Ouli!

It was a sad incident?
It wishes that I also never get up.

Thank you in skype and my blog's comment.

Writing is continued...

egchoo said...

Yes people always say we have to find the root cause.Why bother about root causes when innocent lives still perished in vain.To the pepetrators,what can they really get out of these wanton massacres? How justified can they derived from these killings and called themselves heroes?

Why don't the so called religious leaders control this kind of senseless killings instead of telling people that the root cause warrant it.To have such kind of thinking is guilty in the eye of the law and should be grouped together with those criminals.

A god that cries for vengeance is no god!

tatsuhiko1968 said...

The thing of the simultaneous terrorism of Bali Island was greatly published in a newspaper by the Japanese morning paper.

One Japanese had also passed away by this terrorism.
It is said that it was involved in by terrorism during the honeymoon.

Since terrorism has broken out all over the world, it is anxious also in Japan.

tatsuhiko1968 said...

Since there was a terror attack, has a little Indonesia settled down?

Japan is autumn now.
My yard blooms various flowers.
Plz come to see my blog.

tatsuhiko1968 said...

Indonesia is a warm country.
Autumn and winter are what feeling or it is good in understanding with the photograph in my blog.
Moreover, plz see my blog.

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