Just Us being Nosy On one Afternoon

One of things that sometimes I do with my old friends when we meet, and when one of us brings a lappie is to check our other friends' current lives through facebook. We're so nosy, I admit that unashamedly, and facebook feeds nosy people needs :-D..that's why I don't have my profile there :-D

Sometimes, our finding is surprising :-)
Like that afternoon, we found out one of our old friends has a current profile picture of him and a pretty woman in seemingly their wedding ceremony.
Our little quick scan through his wall then proves us that it's their wedding, a second marriage for him.
That's not the surprise, though he was just back to the singlehood in a short time, probably just a year or so.
The surprise is........the pictures of his ex-wife are still all over his albums :-D
They seem head over heels for each other in those pictures, and some comments are very intimate :-D ...well...his ex is a hottie.

Wondering what his new wife thinks of the fact.
Is it for the sake of their kids only? So they know daddy still not forget their mommy, or........the love might has gone but the lust stays? :-D
Anyhow, if that can comfort their children....and maybe the new wife has a big heart.
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