A not so secret.....anymore

Got 'bored email' from Henc today. Achtung: I don't mean 'boring' email, but 'bored'. These two are individual, aren't they? I'm confused with English now.
Henc's just felt bored, so she asked me to write her a long email, which will I do when I have the mood :-P

Eh but I think part of her blahs is because she hasn't got email from her dear Al, so she turns to me :-P (lol...right Henc? I will spare Ar this secret! hehe).

She also asked me if I'm still in touch with Po, which is not. I wonder why doesn't she just visit him in his island? She's in Europe now and she just had vacation near his island. I have been waiting for that to happen. I want her to see him, I told her that a couple of times.
Maybe she's waiting for me to be there too, to monumentalise our finally 'threesome-ness'? :-P Good idea, I will write this to her later.

What would it happen if the three of us really meet?
For eavesdroppers, don’t ever dare to presume indecently about our threesome-ness okeh! :-P

But there won’t be just the 3 of us.....anymore.
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