My Sweet Stays @ Berjaya Hotel

Since I've promised my self and I've told some friends about this, today I make this post to glorify Berjaya Hotel, Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia.
Here are some beautiful parts and facts about the hotel that I managed to shoot for anyone so to discover the uniqueness of this hotel.

Have you ever seen mold on the hotel window? You can have a panoramic window view framed by molds in this Berjaya Hotel. Superb! Isn't it?

Then this hotel also provides a good circulation in the room through the gap between the window and the window frame. So, yes, a little hot air is supplied 24 hours to warm you whether you need it or not! It's very automatically.

Ohh..and the bed? Yes, I don't want to forget to mention this special extra bed that I had been sleeping on for a week. There, see it? I think it's a pre-historic one! See all the dirt, stain and the tears? Can't imagine what has happened to this bed before. It even has a number, the number is 26B. Cool isn't it!
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And some graphic/ artistic work. I guess this Berjaya Hotel really like this kind of pattern, since it's almost always like this. Or maybe Berjaya Hotel has bought the patent of the design?
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Its hotel book directory also allows some scribble remains if the hotel housekeeping boys and girls think it's artistic enuf, like this one:
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I hope your eyes work properly enough to get what's written there. Poor spelling, I know, but maybe it's still entertaining to the housekeeping staffs.

And look how amazing is the kettle cable this room hotel has. Hhmm..I wonder if all the kettle cables at this hotel are amazing like this, cos in our previous stay at this hotel this was exactly what we also got, but at that time we were afraid to get electric shock which we thought it's not cool at all, so we asked the housekeeping girl to change it.
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Enuf about the room, sorry for not showing some little mates! I forgot to take the pictures of those cute ants and mosquitoes. Sorry little mates!

Let's move to the wonderful bathroom.

We had this special effect lighting. Oh, sorry, I think the people of this hotel try to educate guests about saving the electricity. Yes, there are 2 wall lamps, it's a must for the symmetrical visual effect matter of course, but saving the energy is much more important these days, right? I could understand why the hotel housekeeping staffs left it that way.
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Look closer.....
It has a polka-dot bathtub! Or should I say semi-Dalmatian-skin-pattern bathtub? Maybe they knew I'm a dog lover? :-P
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I forgot to ask the housekeeping people who is the artist who created this cracks on the bin lid. Must be a famous one since they keep it on show.
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Again...I forgot to shoot the habitants who dwell in bathroom :-(
Sorry little creepy creatures, but I can mention your race here, how about that? Great eh!
So, I saw one of the natural aviators, the mosquitoes. Sorry that I killed one of that aviators when I stayed in the previous room the month before. No wonder the cleaner boy left the dead mosquito body intact stuck on the bathroom mirror for days, until I confessed to him that I slew that mosquito. Luckily I didn't touch the spider and ants. Oh no...I did murder some ants!
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