Ms. Receptionist

I got a lingering impression about the receptionists (or front desk staffs?) at Berjaya Hotel, especially about two of them. Amazingly, they look like very similar to each other. Look like twins.
I tried to recapture her image tonight. I should have done it last month though when my brains hard-disk still held a fresh memory of her image.
One of them, the one that I portrayed with the help of PaintShop here, was very very "helpful", "friendly" and effective!

I asked her for a room exchange, because the bathroom didn't have a proper condition, the lid of the wash basin hole was too dense, causing the water to leave very slowly and so to cause puddle and the stick that control the lid didn't work either (yes, I checked everything immediately after I entered the room).

She gave us two choices:
1. Take the room
2. Take the substitute room

Two choices indeed, but both rooms were in similar condition, the substitute room, as can be seen from pictures that I put here look so "OMG". Tell me, was I too choosey, fussy, sushiiiiii??
All that I was asking was a decent room with a decent bathroom, doesn't have to be posh at all.

Image hosted by

Why I didn't take the numero uno choice?
Because...I was fed up with the hotel housekeeping.
I didn't want to deal with the housekeeping staffs like in my previous stay. Last time it was frustrating enough when I reported about the wash-basin and the flush that couldn't work properly. There was this housekeeping lady, came with the repairman to fix the problem. The repairman was very kind, he was very helpful, he fix the flush and when he wanted to fix the wash-basin, the housekeeping lady told me that it's actually not a problem at all, because I can just pull out the lid by myself.
I felt like "WHAAAATTTT???"
I told her, it's SO GROSS!
Besides why would I have to do that, I paid for the room with the condition and assumption that all work properly. Besides shouldn't it normally (in any other hotels) have to be that way?
The wash-basin hole lid should actually work mechanically by pushing and pulling the stick behind the faucet, but it was broken.
So I said "No way," and she gave me sour look!
I felt so burnt.
Luckily the repairman fixed the problem immediately and apologised to me for the inconvenience.

The funny fact about the choice number 2: The room is just right beside of the room that I stayed a month previously. That led me assuming that all room in this level has similar condition, this was the 3rd room that I knew on this floor because in our previous stay we took 2 rooms. I told the receptionist girl that maybe the rooms in this hotel are all that "beautiful." She just ignored me :-P
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