Taste the Music

I'm a junkie for good tunes, and so the opportunity of downloading music for free and legally is like tasting tiramisu for me. Means, so alluring (...sorryyy...I'm at lost with words now, so mind my hyperbolic language).
Ok...it's an invitation from one of the guys who did an on-line sixdegrees project
which I participated a while ago (I actually had forgotten it).

This time is about music.
They try to understand how people form their musical tastes.
The good news for music junkies like me, those who participate are allowed to discover and download cool new music there for FREE.
I don't know how cool they are yet, but my ears are always up for any kind of music, even for experimental weird music.
Apologise, except for Dangdut with weepy/ suicidal/ the end of the world/ tacky lyrics and repetitive tunes.

I said like tasting tiramisu.
So far my tiramisu tasting experience in my city: mostly the look was delicious, but many times the taste left me in disappointment. So fake! So ersatz! So...Ok sorry...I'm supposed to blog about music project not tiramisu!

Remember, you can burn it (the song, not tiramisu), fry it, grill it to a CD or copy it to a portable mp3 player but DO NOT give it to your friends. Ask the gangs to reveal their musical taste and experience singlehandedly at

           Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(Oh, but this is going to be torturing for dial-up users like me)
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