Chat addict! not !Chat-a-di*k

Gosh..after managed to have a free of exhibitionist wannabe chatters for all of these times, last night, I met one.
The person contacted me first from Friendster, asked me if I have MSN id.
I've become a chat addict lately and his profile could pass my screening process, so I thought why not give him my YM id.
So last night when I was chatting with other friend this guy IM-ed me.
To make it short, after a "ha-ha-he-he-blah-blah-blah" talkings then he's offering me to see his webcam.
So far I never again met exhibitionist chatters, so I thought he must be as civilised as my other webcam user friends.
At first it was a blank black screen.
He reset the connection, then ...voila....a half naked guy at a dim room.
I didn't know if he's fully naked, but, based on my long ago experience usually this kind of person is already 100% naked :-P
This is the extract of our conversation:
[note that houyhnhnmsism is me]

mt (10:51:52 PM): ok try again
houyhnhnmsism (10:52:37 PM): ok now I can see
mt (10:52:54 PM): gd
houyhnhnmsism (10:53:08 PM): you're not at work ?
mt (10:53:23 PM): no i m at hm sweetie
mt (10:53:31 PM): wats ur age
this yr?
houyhnhnmsism (10:54:17 PM): you can see it on my profile
(10:54:32 PM): i dun want tpo go to friendster again
houyhnhnmsism (10:54:42
PM): why are you not wearing your shirt?
mt (10:54:42 PM): y not u tell me
right here
mt (10:54:55 PM): is so hot
mt (10:55:06 PM): oh anyway when
i m at hm i m naked
houyhnhnmsism (10:55:14 PM): you don't have aircon at
mt (10:55:19 PM): :">
mt (10:55:26 PM): yes i do
(10:55:38 PM): i m like tat i dun like to wear anythingin my room
(10:55:45 PM): i love to be naked
mt (10:55:52 PM): only in my room
houyhnhnmsism (10:56:35 PM): lol, I don't feel convenience talking with a
naked person
mt (10:56:53 PM): lol i r not seeing me naked
mt (10:57:00
PM): is only topless
mt (10:57:39 PM): i m not showing u naked ok gal
(10:58:08 PM): ok i go wear a shorts
houyhnhnmsism (10:58:23 PM): gtg now ;-)
mt (10:58:27 PM): u there

mt (10:58:42 PM): ok then bye

mt (11:02:48 PM): u lie u dun want to talk to me
mt (11:02:51 PM):
is okie if u dun wish to talk to me

(after still ignoring him..then...he still sent me a message)
mt (12:12:56 AM): still online

Besides the fact that he's naked without telling me first (lol..I hope I make a correct sentence) other turn-offs are:
I can't be bothered by a person who doesn't bother to read my profile.
Being called sweetie by a totally stranger and naked person.
A person who is too lazy to write proper English words, a little bit is ok, but more than 49.999%! Is a no-no! My English is collapsing, I don't want to worsen it.

He couldn't read well either. I told him I "gtg," he probably thought I would leave YM. I just said "gtg." If I was still using YM at that time, there's nothing wrong with it cos I didn't mean to leave my other chat friends but him only.

I used to have a striptease chat friend long ago, Alex, a gorgeous Italian guy with great green eyes!
But even he said he's a semi-pro striptease (friend to friend connection only, he actually has a very good real job at the same time. Striptease is only his week-end job or special occasion) he never annoyed me with any kind of exhibitionist attitudes. Not even when he's on his webcam, or when he sent me his pictures. Of course if I wished, he wouldn't mind to do the other way :-D
I think he's retired now :-P I stop using that ICQ number after I broke my always-misundestood-friendship with Po some years ago. When I recently got online again with that number couple of times after almost of 2 year of hiatus, I've never seen Alex online anymore, and his profile has changed, almost blank except his name, no YM id anymore either.
What a lost that Po caused me! :-D

Anyway, anyone..pleaseee....respect your chat partner ok! Ask first before go naked! Oopss..sorryy...I mean get on your shirt (and your pants of course) when you chat.
I'm a chat addict, I don't chat a di*k.
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