Fermented Black Glutinous Rice

A.k.a Tape Ketan Hitam, one of my favourite Indonesian foods.
It has sweet, a bit sour and a unique alcohol flavour (contains 6-10% alcohol).
There are actually 3 colours of Tape Ketan in the market: black, green and red.
Black is what I like the most.
Tape Ketan making might seem easy, but the proper result is a bit hard to get. Sometimes it tastes too sour, sometimes too pungent, sometimes it's tasteless, sometimes either the grains become too soft or hard still.

But tape ketan hitam from Peuyem Ketan Istimewa Cimahi really suits my taste and reminds me of the taste of our long ago home-made Tape Ketan Hitam. Mom never makes tape ketan hitam again since long ago, tired of cooking stuffs :-)
Grâce à my Mom's friend who almost always brings us that Tape whenever she's back from Bandung.

If anyone by any chance visit Indonesia and is interested in tasting traditional food, don't miss Tape Ketan Hitam.
Anyone in Indonesia can find the best taste Tape so far here:
Peuyeum Ketan "Istimewa"
Jln. SMP No. 1
Ph. +62 22 6654064

Remember, it's better to serve it cold.
Let me continue my slurp...slurp...... :-)


Bouli said...

Where may i find it in Belgium ?
I don't want to die before tste it !

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