Just when I was about to sleep. On the radio that I was listening to suddenly spoke a caller, a woman. Gosh! She really spoke bloody perfect English with British accent. I was even curious if she's actually Brit. Seemed the radio operator (or announcer?) had my thought, asking her about that without forgetting to praise 'her quite good' but thank God he then corrected it into 'perfect' -which is very true.

She's giggling and no, she's 100% Indonesian. In a humble way she turned giving him a similar praise -which I disagree cos I think this guy accent is only on artificial level- and he seemed so proud of his English. I'm not wrong at all. After the woman crediting him, with no shame or hesitation he admitted his perfect English and that he said is the reason KissFm hires him :-P
Then he continued saying that he's actually not 100% Indonesian but 80% only. Lol, I was wondering why he's suddenly off the track, and that made me to conclude that it was probably the effect of a inferiority feeling that suddenly struck his pride :-D
I think he envies her.
I do envy her perfect English and even envy her more for her Brit accent.

Ok..I must intoxicate my self from this envy before I go resting myself, that's why I'm writing this ENVY!

Finito! Time to dream, hope I'll dream refreshing my English in UK so than I'll wake up with the accent implanted in me already :-D

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