Interactive Origena

Time to interact anyone! (-_-)
Find a midget box of crayon
ikon somewhere on this Origena.
Tickle it!
You'll get a worth it Zen of crayon!
Don't we want this world like a box of crayon?
I do!
Let's do it.


sunshinealways said...

Life is all about the hues of magnificient colours seen! What about the blinds? Seeing or rather thinking from the blinds' point of (shall I say )view,is better in that it is less prejudice.
I am one for all the peace and biasless world.

Bouli said...

Expliques-moi Ouli...

Origena said...

Yes EG, but will the blind be still prejudice-less if eyes could see? ;-)
I'm happy that most of my friends are into peace and biasless world.

Bouli...all you have to do is to click the link and read the zen :-D

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