ManGoers Day

I'm talking about Mango, the popular apparel brand from Spain.
Like the fruit Mango, it's appealing and sweet. Mango is one of all people favourite fruits, and so is Mango, the brand, to many of Indonesian fashion-aware females -according to me of course! I think Mango is quite a user-friendly fashion ;-)
Since last Thursday, when Mango collaborated with one of the banks invited the card holders for Mango preview up-to-50%-sale; the Mangoers had raided all over Mango shops in Jakarta cos some knew that goods reservation before sale days is possible. Alas, many of Mango fans did it already, so only small collection of Mango were on display at any other Mango stores in Jakarta that day. That was also what happened in the preview sale, though it’s named ‘preview’, there actually had already been a pre-preview sale! So unfair, no privilege for the invitees at all.
Luckily (or it seems so) I managed to get insider contact so the next sale I would be notified in advance to make reservation purchase :-)

The following day after the preview sale was the first day of Sale. I never ever wanted to attend any early sale days before. I always thought it's ridiculous and stupid to be willing to cramp like sardines in a can like that.
But last Friday, I was one of those sardines! :-P
Cos I really really want this Capri Marvelous jean, so I dedicated last Friday as the hunting day for this Capri jean

And here are some ridiculous facts that I managed to observe while queuing for the cashier for almost 2 hours of the total 3 hours more (luckily my bezzy mate Leet came to substitute me after that almost 2 hours standing! After she was finally able to escape from her work!):

- Some girls/ women quarreled struggling for bags. I could hear the shouting: 'let it go..let it's mine...put your hands off my bag....nooooo...arrhgg...stop it...etc'. Crazy!

- I saw a middle-age man with hug-full of flirty tank tops in the queue!! He's not a cross-dresser at all of course; he's just a poor driver who was forced to queue by his employer.
- Some boy friends/ hubbies were forced to act like shop assistants; they had to carry a hug-full of skirts, tank tops, shirts, bags, etc. Some men were really in slavery there.
- There were some madams who employed their baby sitter too to carry their 'babies' –those Mango apparels I mean.
- Some girls brought along their maids to carry stuffs and to take a queue.

Imagine what kind of reality-mare (not even a nightmare can surpass) that those drivers, babysitter, maids experienced for they had to stand in the queue for 3-4 hours! Holding all those big money with the sum that they would only probably get after years of working, and seeing them flowing to the cashier in a blink of eye for all the flirty clothes of their master’s wives or daughters. Third world issue!

Illegal trade
Some of the customers grab as many bags as they can and started to make trades to each other: "do you want to exchange that bag with this one?" "hey, can I have that one, you can have these two"
And those were for things that totally don't belong to them!

Escaping work
I was sure many offices had some seats unoccupied at that time ;-)

Of course all the pushing and squeezing while queuing
Couldn't believe some of the people behaviours indeed! No shame for shoving and breaking the queue.
And what did Leet and I get for that day?
One jean for each! That's all! Not a pair of jeans that made me did this craziness, but still quite cheering me at least.
A pay-off for almost 2 hours in queuing?
All I can say, I had a firsthand knowledge of being a sardine finally :-D
But I still want that jeans! Small margin of luck I think.
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