It's when you feel like to draw...or...want to send special message...or...just want to scratch...
Draw your own animation.
I made mine and "It's All About A Dog".


BOULI said...

Terima kasih untuk gagasan baik anda, saya mengujinya juga

Origena said...

Saya senang kamu menyukainya.
[saya mengujinya juga] should be [saya mencobanya juga]

Btw I didn't know you're good at drawing Bouli! Thanks!

Bouli said...

did u see my both drawings ?
they would be better with a drawing pad, with the mouse it's not easy ... :)

Origena said...

Iya, saya cari nama kamu dan ketemu deh gambar2 buatan kamu :-D

Yes, they would be better with tablet, I don't have it. Do you?

Bouli said...

no unfortunaltely, i don't have the drawing pad :(

my drawings are :
i see there is a third drawing from another Bouli, but it's not me ....
i don't want you take creations of other artists for mine :)
thanks again ;)

Origena said...

I knew that already Bouli :-)
Yes it was those two that I mentioned.

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