Rock Star: INXS

Just a week or more ago some people in Indonesia got surprised by the local news broadcasted about Armand Maulana of Gigi Band, one of Indonesia popular rock bands, would join audition for the next lead singer of INXS in a programme called Rock Star: INXS.
The first thought that crossed my mind: "how could?"
I never find his voice is special, and not to mention the lack of cool attitude in him.
Yesterday I finally had a little clue of Armand connection with INXS from one of the radio stations in my city: Armand will only get a chance to perform with the band, but not as one of the contestants.
Today I get more information about it when I visited INXS website.

Armand is only used as a marketing gimmick by our new local TV O Channel to its viewers. But why Armand? Once (read On-Ch), the lead vocal of Dewa Band is the best rock vocalist so far in Indonesia ...according to my good taste of course ;-)
I think cos Dewa is too solid for just a tool.
Actually with or without Armand I think the programme is still the same: it's INXS, who doesn't want to see?

Who are my preferences amongst the contestants so far?
First day: Marty, Ty, JD
Today: Marty, Ty, JD and Deanna.

But JD has something more.....he's crazy! :-D (or naturally crazy? he's natural and he's crazy)
He can be a good substitute for the late Hutchence. Because of that 'x' factor, that 'something' makes him a good package.
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