Wondeful Fool

I can't really use my own words to comment such a Wonderful Fool, a book written by a famous Japanese writer Shusako Endo.
The main character, Gaston Bonaparte, the horse-face man taught others in touch with him with his ‘foolishness.'

I better steal the words from that wonderful story itself:

Gaston BonaparteThere are some who are cowards from birth.
There are some who are weak by nature.
There are even some who cry easily.
But for such a man, a man both weak and cowardly, to bear the burden of his weakness and struggle valiantly to live a beautiful life – that's what I call great.

For the first time in her life Tomoe came to the realisation that there are fools and fools.
A man who loves others with an open-hearted simplicity, who trusts others, no matter who they are, even if he is deceived or even betrayed – such a man in the present-day world is bound to be written off as a fool. And so he is.
But not just an ordinary fool. He is a wonderful fool.

I almost couldn't take my eyes off this book the moment I started to read it.
I got so absorbed, that when I awoke in the middle of my sleep at 01.00 am, I took this book and read it until almost 04.00 am!
One of the best gripping books I've ever read!
For those in Jakarta, you can find the book from Gramedia, it's cheap, only IDR 20,000!

Dignity is not all being strong, brave, brainy or all that mostly matter to the world, but dignity is as simple as doing good to other people, and perhaps to don't mind to be a fool, a wonderful fool.
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